Brands we love to stock

We always initially look to the local area for suppliers, such as Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses or Havensfield Happy Hens. However, we will always entertain suppliers from further afield if they are the best, such as ‘The Ginger Pig’ sausage rolls, or our much loved Pieminister pies – I have not yet found any other companies that even come close!


Sister of The Fresh Olive Company, Belazu has a wide range of vinegars, pastes, preserves and speciality oils from North Africa and the Mediterranean, all perfect for home cooking.

Ginger Pig

Across 3,000 acres of the Yorkshire Moors, The Ginger Pig focuses on raising its animals on the best ingredients, and in the happiest circumstances. As well as the finest cuts of pork, The Ginger Pig prides itself on its range of delicious gourmet sausages.

Hamish Johnston Fine Cheeses

Based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, and with a shop in South London stocking over 150 varieties of cheese and dairy products, Hamish Johnston are the bona fide experts in fine cheeses.

Handmade Scotch Egg Co

This family run business situated in Herefordshire is bringing back the real Scotch egg. From local Saddleback pork and free-range eggs, they have created over forty different varieties of the classic snack.

Havensfield Happy Hens

Havensfield Happy Hens are truly the happiest hens in the country. Kept in small flocks, they are free to run and fly as they please, and are fed on nutritious, locally sourced food. They even get to listen to the radio!

Jules and Sharpie

Long-time friends Jules and Sharpie are a charismatic pair, making hot condiments to match. Spicy and sweet habañero chillies give their jams, sauces, chutneys and jellies the exciting twist that others lack.


Winner of numerous gold Great Taste Awards, Lefktro specializes in the highest quality oils and vinegars from all over Europe. At Lefktro, superb taste is matched by elegant appearance, making their products perfect for cooking and for the dining table.

Macarons and More

In 2010 Tim Kinnaird decided it was time to pursue his culinary dream, and founded Macarons and More. Now a thriving business, Macarons and More crafts exquisite treats with natural ingredients, such as marigold, grape skins, coffee and spices.

Olives et al

At Olives et al, they believe that good food is a prerequisite of a good life. Their vibrant range of olives, oils, vinegars and pastes are made with this philosophy in mind – and it shows.

Patchwork Pate

Margaret Carter has been making and selling her pâtes for thirty years, after starting her business from her home in Llangollen, Wales. Despite now trading on a commercial scale, Patchwork pâtes are still made in small batches by hand, to Margaret’s original recipe.


Bristolian entrepreneurs Jon Simon and Tristan Hogg pride themselves on making hearty, home-cooked pies. By sourcing primarily local ingredients they have built strong ties with neighboring farmers, and gained recognition from the organization for Compassion in World Farming.


Since 1967, Anthony Rowcliffe & Son have pioneered to change the British attitude to cheese. Alongside their extensive range of quality European cheeses are award-winning olives and insalatas, delicious meats and fresh seafood.

Sam Cole Foodgroup

With over eighty years of history to its name, dating back to the founding of JT Cole fish merchants in Lowestoft, The Sam Cole Food Group has a heritage to be proud of. They are committed to providing only the freshest seafood from sustainable and ethical sources.

Snowdonia Cheese

The Snowdonia Cheese Company is at the forefront of modern cheese making. Their extra mature cheddar, The Little Black Bomber, leads the way, followed by other firecrackers such as the Red Devil and Green Thunder.

Stokes Sauces

Hand-made by a small team in ‘The Saucery,’ deep in the Suffolk countryside, Stokes sauces are a traditional delight. Using only the finest ingredients and closely guarded recipes, Stokes strives to make the best things that come in jars.

Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses

Since 2004, Jason and Katharine Salisbury have been making cheese with milk from their own herd of pedigree Guernsey cows. Their rich Suffolk Gold and Blue cheeses are produced all year round, often accompanied by Brie and other seasonal cheeses.

The Bay Tree

United by a love of good food, Lucie Lewis and Emma Macdonald joined forces in 1994 to produce an imaginative and mouthwatering range of sauces, chutneys, jellies, marmalades and relishes.

The Dip Society

Helen and Claire are partners in dip. While Helen manages the company, Claire experiments in The Dip Society’s Lincolnshire kitchen, creating tasty dips from fresh and wholesome ingredients.

The Fresh Olive Company

For the last two decades, childhood friends Adam Wells and George Bennell have worked together to bring the best of the Mediterranean to Britain. Preferring to source from local, small-scale producers, they import only the highest quality olives, oils and pestos.